At Logical Step, we are not just a team of experts, we are a family-owned business. Our founders, Dr Mackenzie and Scott MacKenzie, have combined experience of over forty years in data security, data protection, cybercrime, cyber investigation, secure system design, financial audits, cyber audits, computer forensics, financial forensics and ethical hacking.

Dr MacKenzie, our CEO, is a highly qualified IT professional and certified accountant with a Ph.D in Cyber Security and an Msc in Information Security. Scott, our Chief Information Security Officer, has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and has obtained multiple professional certifications such as CREST Registered Technical Security Architect (CRTSA), ISC2's Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and CompTIA's Security+.

As a family business, we understand the importance of keeping your business information safe and secure. Therefore, our team has a deep understanding of both cyber security and business security, enabling us to provide you with a holistic approach to the protection of your assets.

Whether it's a forensic investigation or ethical hacking, we aim to provide the best service to ensure your peace of mind. Trust Logical Step to keep your business safe and secure, contact us today!


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